Emirates got a further 2.5 billion dirhams ($ 681 million) in state support in the first half of the year, the airline said on Wednesday, as it announced first half losses had halved.
It is the third time since the pandemic started that the Dubai government, which owns Emirates, has injected new equity into the airline that, unlike many carriers, lacks a domestic market.

Emirates, which has now received close to $3.8 billion from the government during the pandemic, said that while demand for passenger travel was increasing, it would still take some time for the Gulf carrier to return to profitability.
The airline posted a loss of 5.8 billion dirham ($ 1.6 billion) for the April-September period, down from a 12.6 billion dirham loss it reported for the same period last year.

Revenue surged 86% to 21.7 billion dirhams as it carried 6.1 million passengers compared with 1.5 million a year ago.