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Thread: Summer D3 Embargoes

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    Default Summer D3 Embargoes

    About this time last year, AA announced embargo dates for D3 passes to Europe over the summer. Anyone have any insights into if/when they'll embargo this year? I know last year they said it was at least partially due to the Olympic games, so I'm not sure if it's an annual occurrence or more likely to happen when they have the heightened traffic for such mega-events. The article from last year is now inactive on the system, so I can't see when they were (mostly July/August from my very hazy recollections).

    Hoping to hit MAD and, separately, maybe PRG (by way of FRA) sometime before September. Debating on sucking it up and buying the ticket for the latter to have a sure thing but knowing the embargo dates might seal the deal.

    Certainly welcome any insights on either the embargoes or those who have experience non-revving to FRA over the summer months. I'm lucky that I can build in the flexibility needed to non-rev into my travels plans, but that doesn't matter when it's a no-go date for D3s.

    Thanks all!

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    I have doubts about summer D3 Embargos, I'm expecting to flight next week from BCN to JFK in the operating carrier AA (2º week of july 2013) as a D3, also my plan for return will be in the 2º week of august 2013, and I would like to know if embargos might apply in this case, if somebody can provide me that information I'll appreciate it.

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    No embargoes this summer for D3 international travel including Europe. The only D3 embargo is to Anchorage.

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    Yes, an essentially embargo-free summer has been great! If you're in BCN, as a D3 I'd just keep open to the possibility of flying out of MAD or CDG should loads be heavy. Both of those aren't terribly hard to get to from BCN and have more flights daily to the US. Of course, nothing wrong with just hanging around España a few extra days if you can to wait around for a day when you can get a seat.

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