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    by Published on 28-Mar-2010 12:32 PM
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    This article courtesy of nonrev.net member aazed.

    What is a ZED Fare?
    ZED is shorthand for "Zonal Employee Discount"

    The Basics of a ZED Fare

    • 3 fare levels (high, medium, low)
    • 9 mileage bands (1 -9)
    • 2 reservation statuses (space available, confirmed space)
    by Published on 08-Mar-2010 05:51 AM     Number of Views: 8611 
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    Article written by member Ant from nonrev.net

    Qantas celebrates its 90th birthday in 2010, making it the oldest continuously operating commercial airline in the English-speaking world!

    Almost every day, hundreds of Non-revvers across the globe are standing by to board a Qantas aircraft. With this in mind, there are some helpful hints you may find useful to ensure you enjoy your travels with them.

    For this article, “Qantas” means airlines of the Qantas Group, which fly with a QF designator. This encompasses Qantas mainline (both domestic and international) as well as its subsidiaries that comprise the QantasLink regional domestic network. Other member airlines of the Qantas Group such as Jetstar (JQ) and Jetstar Asia (3K) have their own unique Non-rev agreements.

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  • What do the terms [Interline Travel], [Interline Discounts], and [Nonrev] mean?

     Interline travel is the term used to describe airline employee discounts on air, car, hotel, cruises, and vacation packages. In the airline industry the term also denotes travel between airlines. So, when referring to employee travel, it means that an employee on one airline is traveling on another airline, usually at a heavy discount.

     Interline discounts and travel benefits are available for not just the employee...but also for their spouse, children, and parents. Airline retirees are also eligible for discounted travel.

     nonrev is short for "non revenue", meaning that airline employees don't generate revenue for their own airline when they fly.

     Here at nonrev.net, we've been serving the nonrev travel community since 1998 with airline employee forums, interline hotel deals, car rentals, and nonrev travel tools.

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