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Thread: Winners of the May 2010 Contest Best Nonrev / Airline Photos

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    Default Winners of the May 2010 Contest Best Nonrev / Airline Photos

    WOW! Really got a great response on this contest. Every single submitted photo was interesting and appreciated. We chose the winners based on the number of votes from all of you. Ties were broken by using something familiar with airline folks...seniority ( oldest "join" date on ).

    Here's the winning entries:

    First Place: $100 gift certificate to PsychoCemia for this stellar group of photos from Kyoto, Prague, Antwerp, and Brussels.

    Second Place: $50 gift certificate to Vulindlela for this night scene of the Kuwait Towers.

    Third place: $25 gift certificate to Airbus320 for this beautiful, but scary, low-flying Maho Beach US Air landing.

    Thanks again to everyone that submitted a photo, or helped us pick winners by voting!

    Stay tuned for the June 2010 contest...

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    Congratulations to all the winners. Great photos!
    Keep'em Flying

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    Thanks!Everyone had winning photos in my opinion.Unfortunately, I cannot view the photos by the winner PsychoCemia and there were a few others that would not come up.......
    Vulindlela - NonRev Correspondent - Indianapolis

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    really great pics--that was FUN but it took me long enough to get a pic posted (stil not sure how to change the size?)
    I thought the Towers was a super shot! and the out of focus street scene and I said, great stuff!
    mrs767er - NonRev Correspondent - Specialty Travel

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    Awesome guys!

    This is the kind of thing we live for!
    Jumper - NonRev Correspondent - Seattle


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