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Thread: flying Standby out of Brussels, Rome, Pisa, Milan?

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    Default flying Standby out of Brussels, Rome, Pisa, Milan?

    I will be traveling with a friend (me on an S2 and him on a buddy pass) from amsterdam to Italy in the end of august, We're not as worried about getting there as coming BACK to the states. I've heard some bad things about nonrevs out of Paris, Venice and Amsterdam. We're super flexible and can go most anywhere in europe for better flights
    does anyone know how Brussels, Rome, Pisa, Milan, or any other good cities are for flying standby out of?

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    Hi, Peter!!
    Right place to ask but you may not like the answers for your buddy.

    are you talking about the buddy flying on KLM or AF? nope on all OAL
    how are you thinking about getting from AMS to Italy (which city?)

    which return city? ATL, DTW, JFK etc

    the S4 issue is HUGE in some cases but you have to look at how many options you'll have per airport and how $ is it to stay over if you don't make it.
    are you going to sit with buddy? in that case, you have to plan on downgrading your pass to S4
    When are thinking of returning? end of August, as well?
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