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Thread: What is "DS"?

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    Thanks--I guess that's a good thing to know except it just adds one more anxiety factor... until the list shows check-in priority. I think you're the first DS I've seen here--welcome. I see the jfk--one of my usual haunts--for now.
    I get to spend time there this wkend. Can't wait until the new terminal is complete!
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    I am DGS as well, I am a cross-trained agent in CAE, we are contracted out as United agents, but no UA flight benefits. The fun part here is out of our airport it's mainline DL above the wing for DL, DGS below wing, UA (and CO pre-merger) are DGS and we are an ASA (sorry, XE now, too many mergers) maintenance base, so it's really hard to get out, as only AA and US are not on DL flight benefits. To top things off, if it's an XE plane, they get priority over DL mainline, and DGS flies out as S4 instead of S3C. I'm not complaining though, it just takes more advance planning.

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    Man.. that post just made my head spin :P
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    She lost me at the second merger
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    Isnt aviation fun??
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