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Thread: Newbie and VERY confused

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    Colour me naive, I thought this was going to be alot simpler....I am the spouse of an airline employee ( North American Airlines), I have a couple of trips panned this summer and thought this would go smoother...

    My husband has an ID90 benefit on a couple of airlines..

    my plan is to go to london fom nyc (stay for a week), then from london to Mumbai(will be there for one month), and then from Mumbai back to nyc ....

    so I was planning to use the ID 90 on US Airways from NYC to London, then Alitalia for the rest of the trip also using ID90....

    can anyone help me and determine roughly what that should truly cost....from nyc to london should cost $500 roughly, and the trip on Alitalia has been priced at a whopping $6500 american dollars...YOWZA!

    My husband tried this on his trip from nyc to Dallas and the woman at the pass bureau priced him DOUBLE the regular that possible?

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    As I understand ID 90s, they are 10% of the full fare price. So, it depends on the full fare... Which can change hourly. Good luck.

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    Hi, from yyz to lhr is less than $200 can and thats with the taxes that just double out of lhr. Those prices are way to high! I think I remember booking an id90 with LH and TG from fra-bkk and lhr-bkk and it was less than $300return canadian. Hope this helps.

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    Based upon what you have mentioned :

    Full Y- class fare on AZ from LHR-ROM is GBP 876 return ( USD 1750 ).
    Full Y- class fare ROM-BOM is EUR 3427 ( USD 4650 )

    Hence total ID90 fare for LHR-ROM-BOM should be about ( 1750+4650 ) / 10 = USD 640 return.

    Note that even if you are going one way it is normally cheaper ( in the long run ) to get return tickets ( if your credit card limit can survive it ) and refund the unused sectors ( half the return fare is normally about 70% of the cost of a one way fare ).

    If you do not have ZED agreements with other airlines ( which are mileage based and has far cheaper fares ) perhaps you should consider a low cost commercial ticket which may be about the same cost as your ID90 ... for London to India try

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