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Thread: New Proposal: Get Delayed from MEX, CUN, Get $$$

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    Default New Proposal: Get Delayed from MEX, CUN, Get $$$

    Mexico could be on the verge of passing a new law that will impose stiff fines on airlines when they are at fault for delayed or canceled flights.
    Mexico’s Chamber of Deputies (Cámara de Diputados) has already voted in favor of a law that will directly compensate passengers for these delays, according to an article in Mexico News Daily.
    Among the key points, if a flight is delayed between one and four hours, all passengers will be eligible to receive a voucher for a free meal. The airline must also compensate them with at least a 7.5 percent of the ticket value against a future flight.

    Any flights facing a delay of more than four hours will be considered canceled. Passengers on such flights will receive a full refund as well as a discount of at least 25 percent of their ticket price on a future flight. Additionally, the airline is still responsible for transportation delayed passengers to their intended destinations.

    Passengers are forced to wait overnight to catch a delayed flights, would be entitled to even more compensation, including free phone and internet connections, meals, lodging and/or local transportation.

    The bill also includes a change for how airlines deal with passengers who miss the first leg of their flight (for any reason.) Currently, these passengers are ineligible to use any portion of that flight, but the bill would allow passengers to receive a reimbursement for the return segment of their flight.
    Airlines would also be prevented from charging a fee for the use of wheelchairs or other “walking aids” while in-flight if the bill passes.
    Although the bill has been voted on and approved by the Chamber of Deputies (the lower house of Mexico’s legislative body), it must still be voted on by Mexico’s Senate.
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    If that actually becomes law, I don't see how any airline will be willing to continue operating to those cities. A delay of over 4 hours resulting in a full refund, 25% discount for future travel AND transportation? Not financially viable.
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