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    Default very good LH experience

    Back from my non-rev trip to Florida with LH and I had a very good and interesting experience with them, which I think is worth sharing with you all.

    On the way to Florida, our routing was BRU-FRA-MCO and everything went very smoothly.
    We listed through flyzed and checked in at BRU and were told by the gate agent loads looked good for both legs and got a STBY boarding pass for the second leg already, thus saving some time and making it easy to reach the gate at FRA. Thumbs up! Oh, I almost forgot! I also met a very kind forum member at FRA, BTW... Thanks!

    Our routing for the return was MIA-MUC-BRU with our luggage checked through to final destination as LH seems to be doing as a routine, contrary to most other carriers. As there were problems with getting enough fuel in MIA due to a fire in the fuel depots, the plane left with almost 2 hours delay and so we obviously missed the connection in MUC (by just 5 minutes and despite the fact a very kind service agent in MUC rushed us through customs), so we went to the LH service desk and were immediately relisted on the next MUC-BRU flight (which was about 1 hour later, and had loads of open seats). The lady at the service center also made sure our checked through luggage which was already set aside at the missed connecting flight, was to be on board by asking for our luggage tag so she could look it up in the system and link it to the flight she'd just listed us on.

    Really a hastle free travel experience with LH, despite missing the connecting flight in MUC and despite having checked through luggage, 2 quite common nightmares for non-rev pax on many airlines.
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    Good to know you enjoyed Florida. How were the flights from FRA to MCO?
    It amazes me how nice International carriers are to non-revers (usually not the case with American carriers). I was just in FRA for work this past week. I was flying space positive on my own carrier so i has no problem getting to FRA, my partner was joining me so I used LH out of IAH to FRA and from FRA to CDG on LH. In IAH they cleared him at check in 3+ hours prior to departure (eventhough the flight was wide open) and the cabin crew was wonderful. On the return we were a bit worried about his flight to CDG so we went on Tuesday night to seek assistance at the LH service desk. The agents were very helpful and friendly and gave us advise as to when it would be easist to get out of FRA (before school lets us for Easter holidays). I have had similar experiences with KLM and BA. Unfortunately this is not always the case on this side of the pond with local US carriers. Two thumbs up to LH!



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