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Thread: Jetblue & SN Brussels flight back home... not without its bumps

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    Default Jetblue & SN Brussels flight back home... not without its bumps

    Well, good news is we made it home in time. Bad news started in MCO where Jetblue charged for excessive baggage weight (I've been searching our intranet and the internet but couldn't find a conclusive answer yet). The bag was at 32kg which is the allowance for the connecting flight with SN Brussels Airlines but they said they couldn't honor that because we were flying standby and had to pay 100$. Before that she tried to get the checked baggage labeled through to final destination and although it finally showed as such in the system, the labels came out just to JFK. This costed too much time that when it was time to weigh the bag, we had no time to quickly buy a 2nd bag and have things moved over.

    I'm wondering if they were right to charge the 100$? Just saw on Jetblue site the following statement:

    Baggage information

    JetBlue honors the Brussels Airlines baggage policy for travel between the two airlines. View Brussels Airlines’ baggage information here.

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    United is nice to its nonrevs (at least their own employees) and will not charge for checked bags up to 70 pounds. But the ZED fare rules only require up to 1x 50 pound bag. Airlines are free to charge (or not accept, even) for anything beyond that if they would like to
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