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Thread: Travel Invoice for Company Travel Passes on United Airlines

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    Default Travel Invoice for Company Travel Passes on United Airlines

    United Airlines changed their web site when it merged with the Continental site. All of the pages changed, but one of the pages seemed to just disappear. That one page is the Travel Invoice. This showed what travel was accomplished and what charges were incurred. This may not be missed by active employees (with a salary), because all charges are taken out of the monthly paycheck. But for those inactive employees and retirees, I think it must be sorely missed. If you know where this is now, please pass the URL. If not, read on...

    Without access to travel accomplished and travel charged, there is no way to see what is owed to whom and how much to pay. Also, with the new pass procedures, passes have to be "purchased" before they are used. This means that flights where the employee gets a different seat than the one purchased (coach vs. first class) OR if the flight never happens (can't get on or rerouted), the system takes my money and I have to request a refund. But without knowing what charges were incurred, I can't know what needs to be reconciled and I can't know what I owe. It's frustrating. Does anyone else have these issues? If the invoices are accessible, that solves the problem. If not, does anyone have a solution?


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    Here is what you need to know. ALL ABOUT ME. Go to the left column to where you see REPORTS and under that you will see PASS TRAVEL. Click on that bad boy, and you got what you want in full detail havaniceday.

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