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Thread: AA YYC-LHR for Non-Rev

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    Default AA YYC-LHR for Non-Rev


    I was wondering and hoping someone could provide some assistance and guidance as I embark on my first nonrev adventure with AA.I've been lurking for some time but never registered until today - yahoo!

    I'm contemplating using our ZED agreement with AA to send my parents to LHR. The routing would be YYC-ORD-LHR or YYC-DFW-LHR on the 11th of November (or the 12/13 depending on how it looks).

    If anyone can provide any insight or how the flights look, I'd be eternally grateful. I can get into the specifics of the flights I had thought about via PM or in another post.

    Thank you in advance and Happy Halloween!


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    Welcome aboard JJ
    So you’ll be eternal grateful; now that’s something you just don’t pass up. LOL
    Just had time for a quick look but the 13th looks great
    See your PM for the in & outs.
    Keep'em Flying

    Migflanker - Senior NonRev Correspondent - Los Angeles

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