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Thread: AA to keep FCFS system for non-rev travel

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    Quote Originally Posted by zedman View Post
    I always thought that AA system is the best, everybody is equal and with Jetnet you can check in online 24h before, no need to go to that airport 4 hours prior like the old days.
    Regarding another new rule, on a selfish point of view and as a retiree I am less happy because we will go after any active employee.
    Non reving is not getting easy specially with the arrival new Airbus with less capacity and it will be more a challenge for us.
    However, one good thing with this new priority rule is for my fellows TWA retirees they were always close to the bottom of the list, even after D3 which I think was quite unfair. No them and us will be on the same boat.
    Anyway I still consider myself very lucky to be travel the world.
    Happy new year to all.

    I am new to this forum, so please give me a pass (no pun intended) if I appear to be butting in where I don't belong. I am a retired AA employee (1Aug2008). I have not seen any notices regarding changes to retiree pass boarding priority. All boarding is by pass priority, ie. A-9, D-1T, D-1, D-2T, etc. Is there something I'm missing in the merger details?

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    Hi gotcha3 and welcome!

    It is posted on jetnet. Unfortunately, they have created a new category for retirees, D2R, which goes after D2 and before D2P but now includes TWR (TWA retirees). This is supposed to go into effect mid-2014.

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