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Thread: Questions on AA retiree Registered Companion travel

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    Question Questions on AA retiree Registered Companion travel

    I'm the Registered Companion of a retired TWA employee with AA benefits. We're trying to figure out a couple things:

    1. Can we book tickets for me alone (the RC) through myIDTravel without her being on the same flight? Prior to today, we could do so (just checking prices, never booked), but trying just now, if I select only myself and try to create a booking, an error comes up saying "Booking without employee is not allowed for the selected travel type."

    2. On AA domestic flights, the NRSA charges show as $0 even in business and first class. I just want to confirm that this is accurate. Assuming it is, is there any advantage to booking in a lower class? I'm assuming that if you book first class but then at the gate there are no seats available you get bumped back to business and then coach?

    Thanks for any help.

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    Regarding your first question, if you're going through myIDTravel it sounds like you're getting a ZED on another airline? I'm not sure about other carriers, but with Star Alliance companion passes there is a very strict rule that the employee must accompany the companion. Even if there aren't enough seats for all of you, as I understand it. Unaccompanied companions are generally used when flying on your own airline.
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    Welcome aboard Kent, there’s a seat for you right down front on the aisle.
    First of all your best source of info is always Jetnet, ask your sponsoring employee to log on and read everything, starting with Retiree Travel and that ZED Agreement Summary.
    First, as a RC your ZED travel is limited to Oneworld alliance partners.
    Second, as a RC there is no charge, free travel for both main and premium cabins, however some counties/airports do levy fees, taxes, surcharges.
    You might also want to take a look at this thread it answers a lot of RC questions.

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