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    Default HKG travel intel

    Greetings, I'm thinking of going to HKG for a class and had some questions. First, are the protests affecting the airport anymore? I saw that they apologized and moved the protests into a business district.

    I'm originating from California - what's the best non-rev hop to HKG? I'm w Delta, so I can get to NRT, HND, ICN, PVG.

    Is it hard to get around? Metro, cab, "Uber"?

    How do costs compare to American cities?

    What are the 5 things I "must do" while I'm there - I'll have down time during the day.

    Thanks for any advice.

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    Can't comment on the first two...

    Getting around is easy with the metro/underground. I'd grab an octopus card, you can load it up and use it for public transport and some stores too.

    Costs are about typical for a big city if not more so. Can also depend on your style, there's street markets to high end luxury in a minute.

    To do's in no particular order:
    DIM SUM - Tim Ho Wan bbq buns to die for. Also love the rest of the selections. (Din Tai Fung in taipei edges them out - we'd make a TPE trip just to eat there.)
    Roast Goose - There's a pretty famous restaurant that serves roasted meats for an affordable price.
    Boba/Milk Tea etc
    HK has so much good amazing food from cheap to michelin stars. Just gotta persevere and yolo.

    Sight seeing:
    Light show on the harbor
    Lots of roof top bars
    Victoria's Peak - didn't get to go cuz it was foggy but i feel like it's a must do if permitting
    Big Budha on the other side of the island
    Hiking trails
    Shopping the street markets - temple street / ladies market
    HK Disney if that's your thing
    Explore Macau

    So much to do, so little time. All depends on your interests.
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    Sorry the intel came 1 month late as I hadn't been checking the board in a while.

    Airport is operating just fine. Your only concern is getting to the airport depending on where you are. Also allocate 30 minute extra to get into the airport as they need to check for valid 24hr booking. I normally can get by with just an ID booking as they usually let you through once they see a foreign passport

    Transport to airport - on school days everything is normally calm as the college and high school kids needs to go to school and can't do their normal riot stuff. Weekends/holidays are iffy depending on where they disrupt. Last week the riot was so bad they need to close the schools down only to lead to even more rioting time during weekdays

    When riot is in full swing, getting a cab is difficult as they shut off the subway to prevent rioters from damaging it and buses stop running because the rioters setup road blocks. Uber is somewhat available because by then everyone is trying to get uber when there is no cab and prices to go sky rocket

    Typically weekends are the time you should plan to stay indoors or at a place where you don't need public transport. Stay away from kowloon side (nathan road 3km radius) unless you want to stay at dirt cheap 5 star hotels. yes hotel and restaurants are now dirt cheap. Good time to visit but need to plan your timing accurately and stay out of harms way. Like typical HK style, they do their stuff and you do your stuff and they don't bother you. Don't go arguing with them etc

    in Lemlem recommendation, i would say stay clear of
    Light show on the harbor (assuming you are at Tsim Sha Tsui)
    Shopping the street markets - temple street / ladies market (STAY VERY CLEAR OF THIS AREA - heart of the riot)
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