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Thread: CO ZED Agreements: What next ?

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    Question CO ZED Agreements: What next ?


    This is Rutvij from India. Heres this small question that I have searched a lot on the internet, especially Anet/JP Forums, but not found any substantial answer.

    What happens to CO's ZED Agreements?

    I'm asking this as I plan to non-rev East Coast to West Coast and v.v. on CO.

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    I'd keep a steady eye looking at your airline's pass travel department, maybe give them a call. Things probably haven't changed much yet, but depending on when you're going it may even change while you're traveling. It might also be a good idea to know what your agreement with United is, since I'd imagine that if it were to change, it would be in that direction.
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    Thanks for the speedy reply. I'l try and give them a call.

    AI has ZED agreements with CO, AA, DL and US. I have used only AA until now. My folks will be travelling East Coast to West Coast this June. Don't want them to travel AA LGA-DFW-LAX-SFO. Will rather ask them for LGA-ORD-SFO. The point is AI doesn't have ZED with UA, but has with US and CO, both of which Codeshare extensively on UA ORD-SFO. Can they try that on a CO/US/AA ZED ticket ? I've heard a lot of ppl making onto UA, even with UA not having particular ZED Agreements with some of their airlines.
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    The ZED tickets usually aren't good for code share flights, but CO has plenty of their own flights from EWR-SFO or EWR-IAH-SFO that they could try for. There shoudn't be any changes with the pass travel agreements between CO and AI due to the CO-UA merger during the time your parents are planning on traveling. The merger probably won't even be approved until the end of the year.

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