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    Default flying through LHR

    We're planning a trip to Europe the end of May. I remember something about if you are flying through London (no more than a 24 hr layover) your departure taxes will be refunded. Does anyone know the ins and outs of this?

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    The thing with LHR -or in fact any other UK airport- is that as a non-rev pax, you're not considered a transit passenger, but rather an arriving and departing passenger, meaning you are supposed to pay those dreadful departure taxes indeed. Now I've heard rumours some airlines are willing to waive the departure taxes if you get on the connecting flight, although I fail to see how they do that then , but what if don't make it onto the flight? Personally, I'd be trying to avoid going through LHR for this reason, because you're most likely going to end up paying those taxes anyway, and they are HIGH if you're going transatlantic, so unless your final destination is London, don't bother about going there... and even if you go to London, it might be cheaper to backtrack through a nearby European continental hub first, especially for your return trip.
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