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    There was a question asked about refunds on The refunds are processed automatically when you cancel your booking (as well the canellation of your booking on myidtravel will also cancel you listing on that carrier!). Keep in mind that as long as you have no used any portion of the booked trip you will also be refunded the booking fee for each leg (around $5.00), however if you start your trip and cancel a portion of it, the fee is not refundable. The refunds will appear on your credit card within 3 to 5 days after cancelling your tickets.

    The great thing about the EZed system is you are listed automatically when you request your tickets, so no more phone calls or waiting on hold. However, it is nice to chat with a live agent from time to time!

    I wish that had the travel bank option wherein when you cancel your tickets the refund can be held as a credit and used towards another reservation. offers the travel bank and friends of mine love the option.

    The great thing about these systems is that they simplifly (I could not help myself) ZED travel for the Airlines and the Travellers. No more paper or long lines at staff travel offices. I believe the deadline for ETICKET ZED travel is January of 2012, so that means all carriers will have to choose one of the two systems out there. No more buying hoards of backup tickets to get home, everything can now be done instantly online!

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    Before we had the eZed with AF I was able to check AF loads by using with the user name GPDL and password DL006. I can still get to the site but the login no longer works and the blurb about using it gone from the AF page in travelnet.
    Does anyone have a login that works?
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    I don't believe you can access it because we have ezed system instead
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    I have to say i'm a bit miffed over this whole ezed/e-ticketing business...

    So, we reduced to ZL for oneworld, except QF who remain ZM. So if I need to go thru SYD, I need to issue to QF to ensure I get ZM and can then use on BA. Except on 11 May, we cutover to eticket with BA, which means I must have their e-ticket with exact city pairs. But their system is having issues, so they can keep using paper tickets on us until further notice.

    Am I the only one who doesn't see this as easier? How is is easier to have electronic tickets when I need to buy a million backups because they are not valid on oneworld or valid all zed carriers?
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    I like it for a couple reasons; I don't need to buy unless I need to use it. No need to find an open DL ticket counter, just hop on the 'net and buy your ticket -AND you're listed.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nick View Post
    Am I the only one who doesn't see this as easier? How is is easier to have electronic tickets when I need to buy a million backups because they are not valid on oneworld or valid all zed carriers?
    Give it time. ZED tickets are such a small volume that resources are generally difficult to obtain to manage the nuances that exist between ZED tickets and commercial tickets. The systems, as you know, are created to support commercial tickets. Over time, as more and more carriers convert to eTicketing (both for issue and lift) you'll see alot of the benefits come back, probably better than before. Until then, as carriers are converted on a one-off basis, it will likely be frustrating. There are definitely some benefits to eTicketing, as I expect those at airlines that have implemented several of these types of ZED relationships can tell you. Until then, we're going to need to grin and bear the pain.

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