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Thread: Open Jaw MCO-MIA-BCN-MCO

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    Default Open Jaw MCO-MIA-BCN-MCO

    I'm wondering if someone can help me out here. DH and I are scheduled to fly on buddy passes of a retired Delta employee from MCO to MIA this Thursday. We will be cruising to BCN and returning to MCO on 4/28. The flight is not looking so hot for Thursday or Friday so here is my question: If we don't make it on and end up driving to MIA, will our passes be cancelled for the BCN-MCO portion? I also checked MCO-ATL then ATL-MIA but all flights both days for MCO-ATL look horrible. I can't get ahold of the employee to ask this question and time is running short! Thanks a lot.

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    Your passes will not be 'cancelled' -- that segment will go unused and you should even be able to get a refund for that portion (although if ticket was purchased prior to 2/24 then repricing it without that segment might not save you anything because Delta imposed a fuel surcharge after that).

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