Shamed Ryanair boss Michael O'Leary has begged pilots not to leave the beleaguered airline .
The CEO penned a passionate email promising pilots that there would be plenty changes including better pay and conditions.
Mr O'Leary also apologised to the pilots for the disruption caused in the past few months, the Irish Mirror reported .
He said: "I write to apologise personally to each of you for all the disruptions you have experienced to your rosters as a result of the rostering management failure we have suffered over recent weeks."

With many pilots said to have left for Norwegian Airlines and more considering it he offered them plenty of assurances.

He said: "If you have, or are considering joining one of these less financially secure or Brexit -challenged airlines, I urge you to stay with Ryanair for a brighter future for you and you family.

The Irish airline has also promised that if any pilot does get an offer from Norwegian Airlines or Jet2 they will exceed it.

Last month Ryanair announced 400,000 travellers were to be stranded after they axed a staggering 18,000 flights.

That cancellation was on top of the 2,000 announced the previous week and came as the fallout from the airline’s mismanagement of pilot leave intensifies.