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Thread: Late summer U.S. to Finland

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    Default Late summer U.S. to Finland

    I'd like to attend an event in Helsinki the last day of August. Is peak tourist season still in full swing the last week of August, or has it started to decline with some tourists or their children going back to school?

    I live in the western U.S. and my employer was recently acquired by a cargo airline, and we now have access to Interline travel through MyIDtravel and BCD, but none of my co-workers has any experience with it. The company has training on how to use the website, how to dress and behave at the airport, but nothing on the strategy of choosing an airline, when to fly, etc., so I'd greatly appreciate any tips someone might have for this trip.


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    Thanks for asking. We are the Nonrev kings. #1 Be early. #2 When in doubt, 1st flight out. #3 Never argue with a gate agent. #4 Never check a bag(I FedEx a bag to CUN).
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    Google flights is a great way to find out who goes where you want to fly. Nonstop if you can get it. I second ddagencylv's rules 1-3 (though I often check a bag) and will add: have a plan A, plan B, plan C and plan D. Always. The one rule of non revving that never changes is that things will rarely go according to plan A. Be flexible! Another important rule is to a)never nonrev on any trip you are not willing to scrap. Basically if you must be there, buy a ticket. An addendum to rule number 3 is don't crowd the gate agent. They have a lot to do and will do their best to clear you as quickly as possible. Have your stuff ready so when they do clear you, you are able to grab and board asap. Airlines will not take a delay for a nonrev.
    Peak tourist season means you must be extra flexible. You may make it on your first try or it may take several days to get there. Be prepared for that. Traveling on Sunday is harder than traveling on a Tuesday afternoon. Research the market and know if it is a business heavy market (meaning Sunday, Monday, Thursday and Friday are tougher) or a leisure market (meaning Thursday, Friday and Sunday are tougher).
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    As an addendum to D2's rule 4, if asked to gate check a bag, do not argue and do so quickly. I once nonrevved on Alaska and was asked to check a bag just prior to door closing. (Didn't think I'd make it on). A revenue pax was arguing with the agent about not wanting to check a bag and was almost refused boarding.

    Finnair would be the obvious choice but sometimes it pays to get within train ride distance or a connecting city that has several options i.e. if you can get to London, your options would be British Airways and Finnair. Another helpful site I found out about on this website is Good luck and safe travels!
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    Welcome aboard Western Rover and welcome to the topsy-turvy world of non-revving. Youíve gotten some great advice Iíll only stress isppilot's point, summer travel overseas can be tricky, donít be afraid to be creative with routing. BTW, ORD is always a good airport to have in your plan B/C/D alternate airport/flights/carrier pocket. And speaking of pockets, it doesnít hurt to carry earplugs/eye mask and socks in your pocket- just in case *laughing*
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    A rule of thumb, knowledge of the routing and the weather forecast.
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    Thanks for all the great tips! I was able to try some of them out with an emergency trip I had to make domestically, just one hop to Atlanta on Delta and then back home. While the outbound flight we got on the first try, our return flight we were initially listed as #22 and 23, and didn't get on until the third flight that day. So we're looking forward with a mixture of excitement and trepidation to our Helsinki trip.

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