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Thread: Bombardier unveils 110 seater C Series in YUL. Can it compete with A319 and 737?

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    Default Bombardier unveils 110 seater C Series in YUL. Can it compete with A319 and 737?

    At list prices, the 110-seat CS100 costs USD$62 million and the 130-seat CS300 USD$71 million. In contrast, the Boeing 737 MAX costs USD$82 million and the Airbus A319 neo USD$88.8 million.
    Bombardier on Thursday said it would also offer a CS300 with an option for up to 160 seats, either as an initial order or as a retrofitted plane.
    "The CSeries aircraft is a game-changer in a changing economic environment, and following keen customer interest and market trends, we have enhanced the productivity of the CS300 aircraft further by offering the extra capacity seating option," Arcamone said.
    A company statement said Bombardier had 148 firm orders for the aircraft as of December 31, but Arcamone said that number was now "close to 180".
    A big buyer is Germany's Lufthansa, the first airline to put in a firm order.
    That compares with 1,064 orders for Boeing's competing 737 MAX and more than 1,440 for Airbus' neo family, although only a small fraction of those orders is for the smaller models that compete directly with the CSeries.

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    To be honest, I have a hard time seeing this work in the US so easily. Maybe Canada, but most US mainline carriers have a scope clause in their pilot contracts limiting the capacity of regional carriers' flights, with others having to be operated by the mainline. That leaves the mainline itself, which is so tied up in the Airbus/Boeing family that they're frankly probably too afraid to do anything different, especially by a regional carrier manufacturer. Plus, I'm really not sure what kind of amenities can really be added to those things (entertainment, for example).

    I could be wrong, but that's my first impression.
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