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Thread: Air Travel Myths - Quiz

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    Cool Air Travel Myths - Quiz

    True/False quiz …you got this.
    My score 14/15 missing that one question because of sloppy handwriting.

    Quiz: The myths of air travel - Telegraph
    Keep'em Flying

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    I got 11 right but one was misleading - economy seats are not inherently safer than premium seats. The question should have specified whether it was about the seats or the location. I read one of them wrong (about the alcohol) by thinking they meant the crew instead of the airport personnel. Eww on the body one.
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    12 correct
    missed 2,3,5
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    MrsDS--I'm with you on the body thing but considering the time the guy in front of me died (discovered on initial approach) it wasn't there for long. Half of the time was for attempted CPR in the aisle next to me.
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    My biggest beefs are with the premium seats for the same reason as Donna, and the body one. When a plane is going over an ocean, there's no place to land, and the person has definitely died in that time, odds are they'll complete the flight. On the other hand, if they're on a domestic flight and an incident happens near RST, home to the Mayo Clinic, there's a good chance they'll divert.

    Dishonorable mention to the handcuffs question as well. I've heard of many passengers being restrained with zip ties. Similar idea, but not technically handcuffs. And just because BA does it, doesn't mean everyone else does.
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