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Thread: A Mardi Gras State Of Mind

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    Cool A Mardi Gras State Of Mind

    Beignets and chicory coffee are served. Laissez les bons temps rouler!

    “Mardi Gras is not a parade. Mardi Gras is not girls flashing on French Quarter balconies. Mardi Gras is not an alcoholic binge.

    Mardi Gras is bars and restaurants changing out all the CD’s in their jukeboxes to Professor Longhair and the Neville Brothers, and it is the annual front – porch crawfish boils hours before the parades so your stomach and attitude reach a state of grace, and it is returning to the same street corner, year after year, and standing next to the same people, year after year—people whose names you may or may not even know but you’ve watched their kids grow up in this public tableau and when they’re not there, you wonder: Where are those guys this year?

    …Its stalking the Indians under Claiborne overpass and thrilling the years you find them and lamenting the years you don’t and promising you will next year.

    Mardi Gras is the love of life. It is the harmonic convergence of our food, our music, our creativity, our eccentricity, our neighborhoods, and our joy of living. All at once.” ---Chris Rose, 1 Dead in Attic: Post-Katrina Stories

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