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Thread: Travel Serendipity

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    Cool Travel Serendipity

    Todd Love (former Marine) was on a UA flight recently when he was approached by the pilot, Captain Marc Vincequere, who asked… if he had been in the military.
    Captain Vincequere had remembered Love as an injured marine he had flown out of Afghanistan years ago and often wondered if had had survived. Click for the story of their encounter and a nice photo

    That story got me to thinking about my own serendipitous encounters - one of mine from last year.

    My travel Serendipity tale begins in the National Air & Space Museum/Udvar-Hazy Center, I’m walking around an AF Concorde and pass a guy coming around the other way, we exchange nods, a few words -ships passing. A while later our paths cross again in front of the bronze bust of Charles Taylor (and I’m sure you’re all aware of who that is and how important he was to aviation…right?)

    DCA the next morning - our gate was deserted except for one solitary figure seated near the counter wearing an AA Captain's uniform.....uh-huh, Concorde guy - talk about a small world.

    Introductions all around, jokes about who’s following who and how “Dan” dropped us to numbers 2 & 3 on the non-rev list. The flight is tight, the best RJ and I can hope for is separate flights later that day. Dan goes up to the counter and confirms that the three of us will have plenty of time for a long.... leisurely.... breakfast. Then, like a bolt out of the blue, our names our called, the three of us bound up the jetway, Dan turns left, we turn right – yeah Dan had asked the Captain to jumpseat and a placarded seat repaired, so all of us made the flight. Yeah, one could say ……Charles Taylor saved the day once again. *laughing*

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    Great story. Once on a trip to Argentina, met a couple from New York in Buenos Aires. Yeah, we're flying back tonight they said. Us too. We met them again at the airport. They were revenue and said hello on their walk to the back while we were sipping champagne in F. In Mendoza on a wine tour, we visited one of the winieres and I mentioned they served this Malbec on the flight down. Other family says they 'think' this is what they served. Where are you from? <LA>. What airline? <AA> Wife works for the company so they all flew standby. Yeah, us too from NY. Small world.

    Then there was the cruise in Tahiti. Interline rate. Bunch of folks from Continental... story for another day.
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