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Thread: Question....TWA aircraft ?

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    Default Question....TWA aircraft ?

    No – not in the literal sense. Let me explain…

    I recently discovered that Thai Airways have a 787 with the registration ‘HS-TWA’.

    So what I’m asking is if anyone knows of any other airlines that have aircraft in their fleet, with the letters TWA in the registration.

    I am aware of course of the American Airlines aircraft with registrations that end in TW (now retired / stored), and the 737 (N915NN) that AA have painted in TWA colours. I am also aware that the Algerian Airforce had (or may still have) some AN12s and F27s in the reg series 7T-WAA to 7T-WAZ.

    But anyone know of any others ?



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    Delta has several 757s with the TW suffix that formerly flew for AA and of course TW before that.
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    What this thread needs is a photo -

    Photo- Stefan Alexandra
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    Thanks both.

    I had forgotten that AA sold the 757s to DL. (and N874TW, I think, to the Dept of Justice!).

    Nice photo Mig of course. Flew on that soon after it was painted.

    Here's the Thai one....

    And here is one of another sort of TWA......

    I would be interested to hear if you come across any others.


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