Spirit Airlines just became the latest carrier to add a slew of new routes, despite the pandemic.
The Miramar, Florida-based carrier will add SDF, 4X DAILY launching May 27.

Spirit will fly to (SDF) from three of its largest cities, (FLL), (LAS) and (MCO). The carrier will also launch the nationís only nonstop flight between (LAX) and the largest city in Kentucky.

In explaining the move to open a station in Louisville, Spritís vice president of network planning explained that ďone of the great things about flying to Louisville is that it isnít just a point of origin. People want to visit Louisville as well. We expect customers to both go in and come out.Ē

For passengers based in Louisville, Spirit is touting its robust network of one-stop itineraries. Through Fort Lauderdale, flyers can get to nearly 30 destinations in the Caribbean and Latin America. Travelers heading westbound can transit through Las Vegas to visit places like Portland and Seattle.