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Thread: Goin' to Katmandu?

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    Default Goin' to Katmandu?
    Fave artist of the Boss (not Springsteen--Mine!)

    Came across this offer--perhaps for the few bold and brave? Certainly not for the weak and meek...

    Not on sale for about 6 hours. Any takers? I prefer chilled champers, not frozen campers; frosted cakes, not frosted flakes.
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    Kathmandu? And all this time I thought Bob Segar was into those Hollywood Nights.

    *Iíll get my hat and my coat*

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    I have actually been looking at doing a trek in Nepal but hard to find others to go and to have 3 to 4 weeks off from work.

    Annapurna used to be on the list but over the years they have developed the road and that effected the hiking trails. I read they are working on re routing the trails though.
    Now, its this 3 Passes Trek I want to do, .
    Or this one Manaslu Trek Nepal | Manaslu trek information site - Manaslu Trek Nepal

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