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    I was issued a paper over the counter pass from United. I work for Southwest. Could anyone tell
    me how to go about listing for this flight. The agents at the counter didnít know and when I called the 800 # they said to do it at the counter. Which is correct?

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    I believe UA nonrev is 800-864-8331 Always announce "Hi, Tkasper OAL. Could you tell me loads for..?"
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    Hi Tkasper
    You can also try 1-866-FLYEPAS/1-866-3593727 - what I use.
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    Hi, sorry to bring back and old thread but I'll be using standby for the first time Nov 9 with United to Chicago for YYZ and was wondering if anyone could tell what when I should be listing for the flight, any other tips you could provide would be very helpful.

    Thanks in advance

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    Once you have purchased your zed from your own airline, you need to follow these instructions:

    Must make their flight listing via the UA Web Flight Listing Tool (available through the ID90T website

    • Username: XXemp (XX = your two letter airline code)
    • Password: ### (### = your billing code/three digit ticket designator)

    After creating your listing, you can check on to make sure that your status is "ticketed". 24 hours prior, you may check in either on United's website or the UA app. You will be able to see how many seats are available and where you are on the standby list. Feel free to ask for a load check a few days before. If you have a middle name, only use your first and last name to creat your listing on UA. I learned the hard way about not including your middle name on the id90travel listing tool.
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    Great, thanks!!!

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