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     Interline travel is the term used to describe airline employee discounts on air, car, hotel, cruises, and vacation packages. In the airline industry the term also denotes travel between airlines. So, when referring to employee travel, it means that an employee on one airline is traveling on another airline, usually at a heavy discount.

     Interline discounts and travel benefits are available for not just the employee...but also for their spouse, children, and parents. Airline retirees are also eligible for discounted travel.

     nonrev is short for "non revenue", meaning that airline employees don't generate revenue for their own airline when they fly.

     Here at nonrev.net, we've been serving the nonrev travel community since 1998 with airline employee forums, interline hotel deals, car rentals, and nonrev travel tools.

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    AA has announced it will fully retire the MD-80 (Super 80) from the fleet in September. The last flight will take place on Sept. 4 DFW/ORD and appropriately will be flight #80. The planes will be...

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    I'm back and I did make it to BOS on the day I...

    I'm back and I did make it to BOS on the day I wanted even though I had to reroute myself and got in at midnight. Return nonstops were a no-go so I rerouted and then rerouted again the night before...

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