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Thread: AS Pilots Sick-out..Hummm

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    Default AS Pilots Sick-out..Hummm

    Alaska Airlines cancelled 24 flights on Sunday and Monday after flu-stricken pilots and flight attendants called in sick.
    Alaska spokeswoman Bobbie Egan says about 270 passengers were affected by cancelled flights. Another 14 flights were cancelled Sunday due to bad weather.
    Egan says a "very unusual" cold and flu season hit the airline's Pacific Northwest hub, and the entire region was affected.
    Egan says pilots and flight attendants who were off-duty have volunteered to work while their colleagues are out sick.
    The airline forecasts a less-busy Tuesday, and says it probably won't have to cancel any more flights because of illness.

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    Nope, not a sick out. The pilots have recently signed a contract and the flight attendants just reached an agreement for a new contract. It really was the flu that hit the Horizon pilots/flight attendants pretty hard. The airport folks were having staffing issues as well (heck, my office is having staffing issues in the last week or so) but boy was it rough to rebook all those passengers! We ended up having to mando people in rez to get the flights rebooked and upsize a lot of flights to get all the customers where they needed to go. It was a tough couple of days.
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