Employees work round the clock to ensure Alaska Air Cargo can deliver the first catch of the coveted wild Copper River salmon from the state of Alaska to Seattle and on to points across the country within 24 hours of being caught,” said Jason Berry, Alaska Air Cargo managing director. “As the salmon season gets into full swing, our team is standing by to transport fresh Alaska salmon to restaurants and consumers throughout the US.” After the plane pulled into the gate and parked, Alaska Airlines Captain Jeff Latta and First Officer Melissa Van Dyke emerged from aircraft hosting up the season’s first fish, which was a 40-pound king salmon donated by Copper River Seafoods for the Cook-off.

Alaska Airlines Seventh Annual Copper River Salmon Cook-off

Three chefs faced off in Alaska Airlines’ seventh annual cook-off, including defending champion Ethan Stowell, who is the executive chef and owner of Travolta, Anchovies & Olive. He was facing off against John Howie, executive chef and owner of Seastar Restaurant and Raw Bar & John Howie Steakhouse, along with chef Sam Burkhart. The chefs were given 30 minutes to prepare their best salmon dishes for the four celebrity judges to select the best dish from.
This year’s judges included Seattle Seahawks wide-receiver Jermaine Kearse, Seattle Mariners Hall of Famer Jay Buhner, Alaska Airlines flight attendant and winner of ABC’s “The Bachelor” Lauren Bushnell and Mike “Totality” Kentrianakis who was the astronomer and creator of the viral Solar Eclipse video, taken in March on an Alaska Airlines flight from Anchorage to Honolulu.

The aroma during the cook-off was overwhelming good, and managed to overpower the Jet-A1 smell. The chefs also made additional samples for media and other observers, who were on hand to try and to enjoy a tasty salmon that literally melted in their mouths.

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