Former NHL forward Jiri Hudler apparently brought new meaning to being "sky high" during a recent flight from New York to Prague.
According to a report from a Czech newspaper, the Delta Airlines flight staff on that trip has accused Hudler of having a belligerent outburst on the plane in which he demanded cocaine from a flight attendant. That flight attendant assumed Hudler's request for "coke" was in reference to the soda, but he allegedly further clarified that he was in the market for the white powder.

When the flight attendant refused his request (shocker), the 33-year-old Hudler allegedly became incensed and threatened the woman, telling her that he would have his friends kill her upon arrival in Prague. On top of that, Hudler is also accused of doing cocaine in the plane's bathroom and then attempting to urinate on a food cart. (It's very confusing why he wouldn't just pee in the bathroom if he was already in there doing cocaine, but that's neither here nor there.)

A fellow passenger reported that Hudler appeared to be under the influence of alcohol during the flight, which may somewhat help explain (though certainly not excuse) his alleged behavior.

Hudler has denied the allegations, saying it was "just such a small incident." Police are currently investigating the ordeal.
The NHL vet doesn't currently have a contract after playing for the Dallas Stars last season, and this incident probably won't help him much. He has 164 goals and 264 assists in 708 career games with the Red Wings, Flames, Panthers and Stars.
Oh, and it's worth pointing out that Hudler won the NHL's Lady Byng Trophy in 2015, given to the "player adjudged to have exhibited the best type of sportsmanship and gentlemanly conduct combined with a high standard of playing ability." He accepted the award while shoeless.