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Thread: Non rev benefits for non dependent children after retiree's death

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    Default Non rev benefits for non dependent children after retiree's death

    Hi all,

    I am looking for clarification regarding delta's policy for extending flight benefits to a retiree's surviving family members after their death. I want to provide a bit of context: My mom has been a long time employee of Delta, retired over ten years ago and until last August was working as a contractor until she became ill. Herself and my immediate family have been using her flight benefits all of our lives, specifically me as I have lived abroad since I graduated from college almost four years ago. I am currently living in the UK.

    My mom at the moment is critically ill (not COVID-19 related) and at the moment I don't know if she is going to make it. Due to the current global situation, I am stuck in the UK and will not be able to return back to the states and be with my family until we reach something resembling normalcy again. This is obviously pretty heartbreaking in its own right but I also worry about the logistical side of things. If she passes... will I be able to get back to the states using non-rev benefits? Will I still be eligible for them and able to use them? I am currently a PhD student and don't have access to a lot of funds and never anticipated that this is a question I would have to ask at this stage in my life.

    I know that is probably a lot of unnecessary information but I wanted to provide some context so my question didn't sound too insensitive.

    Thanks very much to everybody who takes the time to respond, I appreciate any information.

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