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Thread: Top 10 Airports on Connectivity, Super Growth Secondary Airports

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    Default Top 10 Airports on Connectivity, Super Growth Secondary Airports

    • Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport (ATL) is the largest Megahub in theworld. On a single day in August there were over 570,000 possible connections betweenflights arriving at ATL and flights departing within an eight-hour window.• US airports continue to lead the world when it comes to making large airports work asMegahubs, in part because of the size of the US domestic market. Eight of the Top 10Megahubs, and 22 of the Top 50 Megahubs are located in the US.•

    The US Megahubs are typically dominated by a single carrier:»
    at ATL Delta Air Lines operates around 80% of all flights;»
    at DFW American Airlines operates 81% of flights;»
    at CLT US Airways operates 88% of flights;»
    at IAH United operates 76% of flights.

    The Top 50 Megahubs are those airports with the highest ratio of possiblescheduled connections to the number of destinations served by the airport.Both online and interline connections are included as are all types ofscheduled airlines (i.e. Legacy and Low-Cost airlines).Top 50 MegahubsRank Airport Country Connectivity Index
    1 ATL USA 2503
    2 ORD USA 2280
    3 DFW USA 1940
    4 CLT USA 1585
    5 IAH USA 1028
    6 DTW USA 903
    7 CGH Brazil 880
    8 DEN USA 877
    9 MEX Mexico 826
    10 PHX USA 778

    Super Growth Airports. Connection Increases from 2010

    1. SAW Turkey 28,199 784%
    2. IST Turkey 132,355 328%
    3. PVG China 89,698 208%
    4. KMG China 42,540 207%
    5. MDW USA 46,295 184%
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