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    Exclamation Battle For The Bins

    We've all seen it, the crowd hovering around the gate. There's sort of a line but mainly it's a mass of humanity all lugging carry-on bags. Then the announcement, a full flight and boarding will begin shortly, which transforms the crowd into a mob with everybody jockeying for position-politeness is right out the window and each pax has the singular goal of getting on the plane with their carry-ons. The battle for the bins is underway -there has to be a better way.
    So as several of us (just happy we made the flight GRP7) catchy name *wink* pulled the "essentials" from our destined for gate-check bags, we decided to solve the bin problem. This is what we came up with

    Move the "oversize" bag drama from the gate to the TSA checkpoint. People think if it fits through the x-ray machine you can bring it on board. So, make the bins smaller carry-on bag size. And if the HUGE roller bag/GIANT duffel bag doesn't fit through the x-ray machine, they can take it up with TSA.

    Intermittent announcements that lap/under seat items placed in the overheads will be (at crew's discretion) moved and placed "upfront". We felt that just the announcement would do the trick, as no one wants "Mickey, Minnie or Donald" to end up somewhere "upfront" in the abyss all alone.

    Starting at GRP 4, board by group number AND the number of pieces of luggage --those with one piece of luggage jump to the front of their boarding group (seemed only fair to us). *wink*

    Replace one or two first class seats with a roll-in luggage closet. The cart would be stationed at the gate and rolled on and off. Of course replacing the revenue of a couple of seats with a closet might not go over with the numbers folks, but it would mean no more traffic jams, quicker boarding and no loud angry "I have to have my bag" tirades at the gate and that is worth something. OK, this one is probably a non-starter.

    There was also suggestions for various dice games, bingo, a slot machine and a giant "carry-on/gate-check" wheel of fortune, but it was decided that was too Vegas specific.

    So how would you solve the battle for the bins?
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    Having nonrevved a couple of times on Southwest, eliminate at least the first bag fee. I've observed fewer 'oversized' bags on Southwest than on the other big 3. Also, there needs to be consistency across the board. Why do some airports strictly enforce bag sizes and dimensions (PHX and DFW come to mind) while others turn a blind eye? "But I was able to carry it on coming here!"

    Once an argument between an Alaska Airlines agent and a stubborn pax over checking bags delayed the flight enough for me to barely make it to the gate (past scheduled departure time) and snag the last seat. I happily gave my bag over and celebrated with a rum and coke. (OK, I was in a main cabin select seat so I had 2. )
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