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Thread: Fright Night 2018 Survival Guide

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    Cool Fright Night 2018 Survival Guide

    Survival tips to help you survive against the ghouls and goblins at your doorstep this Halloween.

    Don't Investigate
    Don't go into the basement/attic/garage - especially if the power has gone out. Don't look under your bed or open your closet door, particularly if you hear scratching or heavy breathing coming from the other
    Don't go checking out creepy noises outside, like a dog's yelp cut off mid bark or rustling bushes outside your window, and trust me, you don't want to go traipsing off into the woods, or out searching for nearby meteor strikes.
    Don't enter any room lit by a single hanging light bulb and don't stick your hand down the garbage disposal, especially if you just heard strange noises or shrieking violin background music.
    Don't open any box, coffin, crate or anything that has been chained, nailed, welded or sealed shut---especially if it's been hidden for a really, really, r-e-a-l-l-y long time. And it goes without saying that opening strange canisters, especially if stenciled/stamped/labeled "Top Secret-Do Not Open" is never a good idea.
    Just remember curiosity killed he cat, it's owner, the mailman and anybody else that came to find out what was going on. Some things you just don't want to know. *wink*

    News Bulletins
    Listen to the news. Trust me, if someone has escaped from the local prison/mental institution you'll want to listen to that report.

    Wear Comfortable Shoes
    Most monsters are slow and clumsy, BUT, they are persistent, so you'll want to wear a good pair of shoes (preferably slip-on, non-skid ones). Just remember, you don't need to outrun the monsters. You just need to outrun your friends.

    Even if you're joking around, DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT read a book of demon summoning out loud - don't mumble to yourself either. If you can't read silently you have no business with such a thing anyway.

    Be wary around mirrors. I don't care how good you look in your costume, DO NOT linger long in front of the looking glass. And I can't emphasize this point enough, don't utter the words Bloody Mary or Candyman, because a woman/man/ghost dead for centuries will burst from the mirror and cleaning up silvers off the floor will be the least of your worries.

    And finally, I don't care how great the loads are on Oceanic Airlines flight#815 - you'll want to avoid that flight. *wink*

    Happy Halloween
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