It would be easy to assume that an airline with the name go! would provide a prompt service, but this proves not to be the case. Cited by travel intelligence company Skift as the most unreliable carrier in America, go! was the only airline to have a flight that was chronically delayed for four consecutive months. According to the latest Air Travel Consumer Report executed by the US Department of Transportation, 32 inter-island flights from KOA to HNL were not on schedule between January and June this year. The report regards a flight as chronically late if over half of the scheduled arrivals in a month were more than half an hour late.

Go! says that the lateness is partly due to two of their five aircraft being shipped to the mainland for maintenance, leaving them without a spare plane.
Go!'s newly appointed president, Chris Pappaioanou, said that competitor Hawaiian Airlines' reluctance to enter into a protection agreement with the carrier was exacerbating the problem.
This agreement would seamlessly transfer passengers and bags if the event of an irregular operation, Pappaioanou said. Without this, he said passengers have been negatively impacted.