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Thread: FAA Fines HA, Overdue Service on 767-300..

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    Default FAA Fines HA, Overdue Service on 767-300..

    The U.S. Department of Transportation’s Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) is proposing a $547,500 Civil Penalty against Hawaiian Airlines, Inc. for operating a Boeing 767-300 that was not in compliance with Federal Aviation Regulations. The FAA alleges Hawaiian operated the aircraft thousands of times when it was not in compliance with a July 2000 Airworthiness Directive (AD) that required inspections of certain engine thrust reverser components. The purpose of the AD was to prevent a portion of the thrust reverser from coming off in flight, which could cause a rapid decompression of the aircraft.
    The AD required initial and repetitive inspections of the components to detect damage and wear, and corrective actions if necessary. It required replacement of the components with new and improved parts within four years of the AD taking effect.
    During a July 2012 inspection, the FAA discovered that some of Hawaiian’s records erroneously showed the AD did not apply to one of its Boeing 767 aircraft. The FAA alleges Hawaiian operated the aircraft more than 5,000 times
    Additionally, the FAA alleges Hawaiian failed to keep required records of the status of the AD for the aircraft in question.

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    I wonder if that AD is the TR health check. Where you check the TR brake actuator and Center drive unit. The Flex lines on this check as you apply the brake and lock it on the tr brake actuator, keeps the flex line from turning, and you turn it a certain torque with a torque wrench. To see if the brake is doing its job by holding the flex line. Sometimes they break and you have to order a new flex line. Other times the brake don't hold and you have to change the tr brake actuator. It's an easy check when you know what youre doing and you have a good inspector with you.

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