A director for LOT Polish Airlines is out of a job after recently "fat shaming" the cabin crew staff of a British Airways flight on social media with a series of illicitly taken photos, reportedly mocking their uniforms as “too tight” and overall appearance as “messy.”
Earlier this week, Katarzyna Richter, an operations director for LOT Polish Airlines, took a British Airways flight from London’s Gatwick Airport to Poland, Metro reports.

Richter was evidently so taken aback by the looks and grooming of the flight crew that she quickly aired her grievances on Facebook, blasting the staffers for their “unpolished” appearances.

Today, my attention was drawn to grooming and appearance of British Airways cabin crew members, unpolished shoes, holes in tights, too tight uniform, double chin, rotten and uneven teeth, messy hairstyle,” Richter allegedly complained, as per an English translation by Metro.
The woman shared photos that she secretly took of the airline employees in her post, and continued to question how effectively they were truly doing their jobs.
Richter’s industry peers, meanwhile, were outraged with the cyberbullying, and soon brought the post to LOT’s attention.
“How dare this airline executive invite the public to assess the appearance of a rival carrier’s workers. The primary job of BA staff is to keep passengers safe,” an anonymous British Airways employee told The Sun. “This woman should know more than anyone how to behave. She must be sacked for fat shaming BA crew while going about their duties.”