Deo Soli Gloria In Caelis. Et Pax In Terra.

On a beautiful downtown Heredia, Costa Rica park, there was this church with some Latin inscriptions on the top front of the structure. This church was built in 1797. I deciphered this quite easily. It means "God is glorious in his thrown in heaven. And peace on earth". Then it reminded me of a prayer recited in the Catholic Church. "Glory to God in the Highest. And peace to his people on earth." I never took latin, but I picked up some on my own enough to catch this message. Then I wondered why Latin was used in a predominant Spanish speaking country. I know that Latin is the official language of the Catholic church. So it made me think that the church in the New World probably pushed Latin in church and this inscription was probably understood by most people of that era that read it. I bet if I asked 100 people in the square today in front of that church what those inscriptions say, very few if any would know. That simple Latin message kind of made my day and I it was as though the church was communicating with me in sublmittal messages about what the deal was and who really runs the show.

So after a little research. I think I confirmed what I knew all along. The inscription I read on the HEREDIA CHURCH, was taken from a popular Catholic prayer. The first two sentences. This is exactly how it was written on the face of the Church for everyone in the park looking up can read. DEO SOLI GLORIA IN CAELIS. ET PAX IN TERRA. Though not exactly word for word, the meaning is obviously the same message.

Latin text

Gloria in excélsis Deo
Et in terra pax homínibus bonæ voluntátis.

Literal English Translation

Glory in the heights to God
And on earth peace to men of good will.