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Thread: UA Huge OTA Performance Bumps SWA , AA..

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    Default UA Huge OTA Performance Bumps SWA , AA..

    The April 2016 airline on-time arrival numbers are in today from OAG. And the results show Chicago's very own United Airlines, is starting to look like a real contender.

    United has struggled for some while to get near the top of the leader board in the hotly-contested on-time arrivals race. But in April, United was hold on to your boarding passes! a solid No. 2 in the rankings among the nation's four largest domestic carriers. United got 83 percent of its flights to the gate on time in April, a jump of 4.5 percentage points from its fourth-place finish in March, with a 78.5 percent on-time arrival result. The carrier has repeatedly noted it is relentlessly focused on improving on-time performance, and the results are starting to show. A flight is deemed on-time if it arrives at the gate within 14 minutes of its scheduled arrival time.

    1. Delta
    2. United
    3. American
    4. Southwest
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    As someone who gets a bonus from this stuff, I can't complain. $75 each month that we come in the top 2 (in other words, beat everyone except for Delta) for on time arrivals among the big 4, except using the A:0 metric, rather than A:14. I was shocked when we barely beat Delta one month, usually they have a huge edge over everyone else! But now it seems like United and Delta come together really close (Delta generally beating us) and there's a pretty significant gap between the other two carriers.
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