About Us

About Us

The term "nonrev" is an abbreviation for non-revenue. It refers to those passengers on a commercial airline that are not producing revenue for the airline during their travel. Most of the nonrev passengers on a plane are employees of the airline. They are given free or reduced rate travel as one of the benefits of their employment. Their family members, travel agents and affiliate company employees also share these benefits. It is usually on a standby basis and is also referred to as "interline" travel.

Our Vision

Our vision is to offer valuable services and rich "member generated" content as well as a gateway to everything on the Internet that has value for the nonrev traveler.

One of the greatest opportunities the Internet presents is for people with like interests to gather from across the globe to share ideas and information. It also gives consumers unprecedented power with the ability to share information about products and services. This is the intent of the nonrev.net. We are a community of interline travelers with the desire to enhance our travel experiences by sharing information. We are not affiliated with any airline, travel agency or other publication, but we do offer you the opportunity to link to such services and freely review them in our forum.

Our site has been extremely successful and has grown rapidly. We have been featured in most of the employee publications of the major airlines and many of their employee web sites link directly to us.


Our Hotel, Car Rental, and Condo booking is provided by one of the most powerful booking engines on the Internet.Now you can book all your travel needs from a site designed especially for the interline traveler. More and more hotels are turning to the Internet for hotel liquidation making expensive discount subscriptions obsolete. Your access to discounts is absolutely FREE and includes thousands of properties from across the globe and numerous car rental companies. Our Destination Guide gives detailed information for hundreds of destinations around the world.

The Nonrev Portal is one of our most popular features, with numerous links to services and discounts exclusively for nonrevs as well as other valuable travel resources. The Nonrev Forum has had over 4,000 registered users and is viewed and read by thousands more. Participants represent countries from around the world, allowing you to ask specific questions about those destinations. Member blogs contain detailed trip reports and articles written exclusively for the interline traveler.

Getting Involved

The secret to our success is your participation. The best content for our community will come from us! No one knows air travel as well as we do! Our love for the adventure of air travel and the dedication that we share to serve our passengers binds us together with a kindred spirit. Now we have the opportunity to come together as never before. We encourage you to get involved! Together we can make the travel benefits that we love better than they have ever been! Write a blog about your best travel experience or tell us the best places to visit where you live. We welcome your input and contribution!