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Thread: ATL - EZE in September

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    Cool ATL - EZE in September

    I've heard that Buenos Aires (EZE) is a really tough place to non-rev out of due to weight restricted aircraft on the return flight to ATL. Can anyone verify this for me or maybe do an early check so I have a rough idea of how many open seats there are on this one? Looking to fly:

    ATL-EZE - Sep. 17 / 18

    EZE - ATL - Sep. 24 / 25

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    one person? S3C?
    I wouldn't venture a historical guess
    we did it a while back (22yrs seniority)and it's quite IFFY due to cargo and there are frequent warnings for nonrevs
    I think our nonrev member Jumper can tell you her run-to-the-gate story from last year
    sometims there are luggage restrictions--carry-on only and occasionally embargoes for buddy pass riders
    I think they just increased the arrival tax (basicallly VOA good for 10 yr) so be prepared for it--$150US +
    Good luck.
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    Yes, it can be a tough one. I only have two experiences with that time frame, both Buddy Passes. One year ago, they got down OK, but had a very difficult time getting back. Two (or maybe 3) years ago they got on, but were not seated together. Right now there are plenty of seats, but it's so far out that doesn't mean much.

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