I just posted instructions in "Tips and Tricks" for doing an advanced member search. I've tried this and it works well - search results are very quick. It allows you to search by airline, job title, favorite destination. You can search on other things as well but the reason that I mention these is that they are custom profile fields and I can add any additional ones that we decide on. Of course this should be well planned so we don't add a bunch of useless stuff to cluter it up and discourage people from filling it all out.

I'm thinking one of the most useful fields we could add would be "visited destinations" and "planned destinations". You could search on "visited destinations" in order to contact other nonrevs to ask questions about destinations that they have visited. And you could search on "planned destinations" to network with others members so that you could both benefit by sharing the info that you find during your planning stage. You might even make friends and plan to hang out some together when you get there.

"Planned Destinations" would have even more value if it could be entered in conjunction with dates. I'm going to do some research to see if that might be possible before throwing it into the profile. I need to understand any limitations on the fields and search paramaters as well.

Let me know if you think of any other fields that might be added to help us network.

This could become a powerful tool to find and network with members of other carriers with similar jobs for work purposes as well, don't you think?