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    There's been a big turnaround for Frontier Airlines. It landed near the top for on-time arrivals, according toDOT, and consumer complaints lodged against the Denver-based airline have also dropped significantly.In February 2015, Frontier flights arrived on time 58.8 percent of the time, placing the airline second from last in that category. This year in February, 87.3 percent of its flights were on time, and it moved up to 4th among all major U.S. airlines. Frontier says it focused on getting the first flight of the day on-time to avoid a cascade effect on later flights.
    In the on-time category, Hawaiian Airlines flights had the best record, 91.3 percent. Spirit was last, with 63.2 percent.
    When it came to consumer satisfaction, Frontier also showed a big improvement. In February 2015, there were 123 complaints lodged against the airline, compared to 39 in the same month this year. That's a drop of about 70 percent. Frontier blamed the spike in complaints last year on a restructuring of the company, after it was taken private in 2013 and steered toward becoming an ultra-low cost carrier.
    The most complaints in the February 2016 time period, 390, were lodged against American Airlines. Four airlines shared the least number of complaints, 5: Dynamic Airways, ExpressJet, Mesa Airlines and SkyWest Airlines.
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    Wow, that is a major accomplishment on their parts.
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    Honestly, I think their service is about the same as it is last year, but people have better managed their expectations. Before, Frontier was a great airline, acting similar to VX in their attitude. Then they were purchased by the company that used to own Spirit, which operates on an entirely different model, and transformed the company into a no-frills ULCC. Passengers, especially the frequent travelers, knew of the good Frontier, but ended up with something different. Now, a year later, people have a better idea of what to expect, so when they get treated the same way as they did a year ago, they don't complain about it.

    Even Frontier seems to acknowledge that factor, in a PR-friendly way.
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