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Thread: D1T status flying out of HKG

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    Question D1T status flying out of HKG

    I recently travelled on a non rev D1 status from HKG to LAX and I noticed that there were D1T listed. I am new at this but I thought pax can only be D1T if they were continuing from an American flt. Since American Airlines has no other flts other ones coming from DCA and LAX, how can there be D1T? Is there another way to being a D1T out of HKG?

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    Hi and welcome! Yes, if a pax arrives on another airline the same day and presents a boarding pass, the status can be changed by the check in agent to D1T. The pax doesn't have to arrive on AA. This happens a lot at LHR as well for pax arriving on BA. At LHR this also saves on UK taxes.
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    Always take in consideration the D1Ts in Us hubs, in LHR as said and in most of the Asian airports where AA flies...
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