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    Default Goodbye Gate 35X

    Starting today (April 20) the infamous DCA gate 35X is no more. It has been replaced by a new concourse with 14 gates, 10 concessions and an Admirals Club'
    Gate 35X was a nightmare gate -some called it "America's most hated gate" and others referred to it as "the place where hope goes to die" - with quotes like that you're probably wondering what went on at this gate. Well it starts with an escalator ride down to a dark (probably because of the low ceiling) very crowded 'bus station'. There were multiple doors where multiple flights are all boarding at once and you have to make sure you're in the correct line so you're get on the correct jampacked shuttle which will take you across the tarmac to one of the 14 remote stands...(things starting to come into focus )
    Once at the boarding ramp you stand in in open air (in my case shivering) in the cold freezing rain vowing to never again have a east coast winter back-up plan that includes regional jets.

    So goodbye Gate 35X and welcome aboard to your 14 gate replacement.

    Now for the Nest!
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