NWA guy asked:

"I'm planning on bringing my mother and a good friend to Sydney this October. We plan on staying in Sydney for four days, and then renting a motorhome for another 6 days of visiting the Blue Mountains and then the South Coast. Suggestions on hotels and camper rentals? I'm looking at NQ Australian Rentals for a camper. Stellar Suites, Millennium Hotel Kings Cross, and Hotel Unilodge for our Sydney lodging. Do you know anything about those? Any other good airline employee discounts in the area? Thanks much, nwaguy."

Hey ya. Try Britz and Maui as well for motorhome rentals. Good rates and don't forget that our $ is approx half the value of the US $ at the moment. If you can get a good rate locked in now, it will be excellent value for you. You may also want to consider hiring just a car as well - plenty of cheap motels all over the areas you want to visit. You may well be able to manage a car and motels for less cost than a motorhome, not to mention giving you much more freedom to travel the roads less travelled with a smaller vehicle than a motorhome. As far as Sydney Hotels go, they are notoriously expensive (bit like New York rates compared with other parts of America). If there are three of you, I'd seriously consider looking at a apartment hotel style. You can quite often get a good quality property with 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, fully furnished kitchen and loungeroom etc for less than the cost of a hotel room. Try Medina Apartments, Quest Apartments and Metro Inns who have some apartment hotels in good areas. Again, the poor state of our $ makes some of these an absolute bargain. The Millenium at Kings Cross has seen far better days and is getting very long in the tooth. It was a Hyatt for many years, but they had to let the lease go when the expense of keeping it updated and in keeping with they Hyatt name became too great. I wouldn't suggest Kings Cross as an area to stay in either - far nicer places around town to base yourself, pending what you want to do or where you want to be. Never heard of Unilodge or Stellar Suites.