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Thread: Long time member but endoured all

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    Default Long time member but endoured all

    Long time member but havenít been on here in a long time.

    Just to catch up, I retired from AA in 2012 which is hard to believe as time flies. I started January 79 with Air Florida in Miami and was working the day we closed. Then spent a year part time with Delta before getting hired by Piedmont in Miami. Transferred to Charlotte October 86 with Piedmont end endoured all the mergers. The rest is history.
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    Default Welcome Back

    Welcome back Paul, great to see you back on the board. Yeah the airline industry has it's ups and downs, but then.... there's the travel, and hopping a flight just because you could - and you just love that deep pizza from that place in Chicago. Welcome Back
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    Welcome. Was in CLT with US Air between 2009 - 2011 commuting from LAS.
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